John Wieland



Realty Home Advisors

Address:  9174 Glades, Rd., Boca Raton., FL 33434

Phone:  561.777.4089



John's real estate passion began over 29 years ago. 

It was in Orange County, California 1989, when he and a friend began a property management business. They focused on apartment buildings in lower social-economic areas. 

They grew their business to over 110 doors. Things went well until the real estate market crashed in 1990. Orange County went bankrupt. Occupancy dropped below 50%. Owners couldn't sustain debts and properties went belly-up.

John started a new career in technology solutions. It led him to the collision repair industry where he eventually became President of a 10-location chain with over 200 employees. During that time his urge to invest in income properties resurfaced.


John bought his first tri-plex in 1997 in San Clemente California. Six months later, with his brother-in-law, they bought a 4-plex. Within the next two years they acquired four more apartments totaling 21 doors. John was actively involved in The Apartment Association of Orange County and was a speaker, sharing his "formula" for acquiring and managing small apartment buildings.  

Then in 2004, mortgage brokers began calling him to "bundle his loans." They were eager to give him 125% loan-to-value deals. "How can you loan someone $1.25 cents for every dollar they own… that math doesn't work?" He began the process of selling some of their properties.


He and his wife moved to Costa Rica in 2004.

He became a partner-owner of the Coldwell Banker Costa Rica master franchise.  Under his leadership, they grew from two to twelve offices and over 65 agents.

He specialized in the new luxury residential market, ocean view lots and large development parcels.

But it was his vision to bring the brokerage community together that drove John's interests. There is no MLS in Costa Rica - no way to promote listings beyond individual websites.

He established alliances among realtors. Prior to that, agents did not speak with each other. He met with over 50 local agents where he lived and developed a system for seller representation.  

It was the dawn of seller exclusive listing representation. Most important, it brought the brokerage community together to serve the needs of sellers and buyers with more efficiency. Communications and credibility in the brokerage community increased. It was some of his hardest, yet most proud work.


After twelve years living, operating a 12-office master franchise, and a franchise with his two partners in Costa Rica… he, his wife and daughter relocated to Delray Beach.

Last year they bought a home downtown. And after a three-year relocation hiatus, John returns to the career he loves most – real estate.

His passion to serve the needs of sellers, buyers, and the real estate profession continues…




Languages: English, Spanish

Specialties:   Residential Sales, Investment, International

Areas of Service:   Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth